A Smaller Garage

I know Christmas is well and truly over when the Over-Botch Christmas Update vanishes. Never mind the shops taking all the decorations down, or anything as mundane as that. No, it’s all about the Over-Botch. Everything going on sale, all the leftovers disappearing from the fridge? Nope…it’s virtual Melbourne going back to normal that truly makes me feel sad.

It was a great update this year as well. All the homes turned into gingerbread (although you could disable that manually if you wanted to be a grouchy grinch) and all the cars became reindeer-shaped. I noticed that immediately, since I run a little mechanic in Bendigo and suddenly there were reindeer, everywhere. This is practice for when someday I’ll own a REAL mechanic garage in Bendigo, which is going to be pretty great if I can get the experience. Doesn’t sound like a lofty dream, but dreams don’t have to be lofty. I just want a nice little garage, near where I live, and a steady stream of business from local customers who trust my car expertise. That’s the kind of community I had when I was growing up, and while it’s kind of naive to expect that those still exist, I’d like to think they’ll make a comeback.

And yeah, here’s me saying this while playing a MMORPG for hours each day. Irony, right? Well…at least I’m doing something worthwhile with my time, I like to think. And at some point, I’l feel I’m ready to fix cars in real life. And then I’ll have a REAL car service near Bendigo, and not one that had to be added in a patch because initially it was just Melbourne and Bendigo wasn’t included. That’s how I got so much business, though. I was waiting for the area to be opened, and then I jumped on it. See, that’s business acumen.



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