Solar Log 001

“Hey there. This is Max Remington, pilot of the interstellar cruiser, Tranquility… Or, well, I was, anyway. Looks like I’ve had a bit of a space accident and now I’m the proud squatter of an uncharted planet I’ve decided to name Solaris.”

“I always said I wanted a place with a view, but this isn’t exactly what I had in mind. My ship, once a majestic silver eagle soaring through the cosmos, is now little more than a crumpled aluminium can, a grotesque artwork against the alien landscape. Its wreckage is a stark contrast to this bright, sunny world. It’s like I’ve crash-landed onto a sunbather’s dream, sunlight 24/7. If I had my old Hawaiian shirt and a pair of sunglasses, it’d almost be like a vacation.”

“But I can’t afford to relax. The planet, though bright, is silent. It’s serene, but it’s a serenity of the grave. It doesn’t quite feel… right. Still, one thing’s for sure, I won’t be suffering from vitamin D deficiency.”

“And this sun, it’s not your regular old G-type main-sequence star. I’m an astronaut, not an astrophysicist, but the energy it’s pumping out is ridiculous. I’ve dealt with power shortages on ships before, rationing what little juice we had left for life support and essentials. But here, well, I’ve got power all around me. It’s like having access to my own personal commercial 30kW solar system.”

“I’ve been trained to survive in hostile environments, to thrive under pressure, but this, this is different. I’ve got no communication with the base, no immediate rescue coming. It’s just me, my ship, and a planet that’s apparently taken ‘sunshine state’ a little too literally.”

“My immediate priority is to get a power system up and running. There’s no guarantee that a rescue team will find me in time. But the sun here… it’s a goldmine of solar power. Using the ship’s damaged solar arrays, I could potentially mimic a commercial 50kW solar system installation. I mean, the panels are military-grade, but principles remain the same, right? It’s not like I’ve got a whole lot of other options.”

“So, here’s to the prospect of being the first man to tame an alien sun. Max Remington, signing out.”

The Carlton House

Elara’s eyes snapped open with determination. The sign read ‘Carlton’. She leapt out of bed and sprinted through the streets, the cool morning air nipping at her cheeks. She made her way to the conveyancer’s office with haste.

Once again, she arrived before Mr Anders did, this time carrying a cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich for him as a bribe to get things started immediately. He chuckled at her tenacity and let her in.

Elara had everything ready; the property conveyancing experts were astounded. She was now a whirlwind of efficiency. When Mr Anders raised an eyebrow at her extensive knowledge of conveyancing, she explained, “Let’s just say I’m a quick study.”

However, as she was about to rush out to find the owner, Mr Anders dropped a bombshell. “I got a call from the owner. Apparently, there’s another offer on the table; someone’s outbidding you.”

Elara’s heart sank. This was an unexpected twist. She realised she would need to secure the owner’s agreement first before even starting the conveyancing process.

She raced through the streets, searching for the owner. After what felt like an eternity, she found him at a bakery. Elara begged and pleaded, trying to make him understand how important the house was to her without divulging too much.

“I have a better offer,” he mumbled, looking uncomfortable.

She realised money might not be his primary concern. Elara told him about her dreams, how she felt an unexplainable bond with the house, and how she was an author who could give the house the love it deserved.

He was silent for a while and then whispered, “The house needs someone who can unravel its secrets.”

Elara promised to do just that.

But as she sprinted back to the conveyancing lawyers in Carlton, the day slipped away. The world blurred once again. Time – she needed more time. Somehow, she had to find the perfect order to get everything done in the most efficient way possible.

Tomorrow, she thought. Tomorrow I’ll start with the owner, and I will break free.

Inked Worlds Unleashed

Alex, a solitary writer with a vivid imagination, struggled with writer’s block. His characters seemed stagnant, and his stories lacked life. One day, while walking through the alleys of Brisbane, he stumbled upon the Tattoo Emporium.

Inside, he met Ezekiel, the mystical tattooist. Alex decided to get a tattoo of a quill on his forearm, hoping it would spark inspiration.

As the tattoo was completed, Alex felt a rush of creativity. His pen seemed to dance on paper as he wrote his tales of legendary heroes and mythical creatures. To his astonishment, the characters began stepping out from the pages!

Back at home, his tiny apartment was now filled with knights, dragons and fairies. They acknowledged him as their creator and offered their services to him.

Alex decided to use his newfound powers for good. He learnt that a local park was about to be destroyed by a corrupt businessman. He decided to save it by writing a story where the characters would protect the park.

As the bulldozers approached, the mythical creatures stood guard while the knights rallied the townsfolk. The park was saved, and the corrupt businessman was driven away.

However, the line between fantasy and reality started to blur. His characters began taking on lives of their own, and he struggled to control them.

Realising he needed help, Alex rushed to Tthe Tattoo Emporium. There, he found Ezekiel and explained the situation. Ezekiel revealed that Alex could seek guidance from a tattoo removal specialist from Brisbane to remove the magical properties of the tattoo, but urged him to consider the choice carefully.

Alex thought it through. Perhaps he shouldn’t get rid of his powers entirely. Alex decided to opt for a cover-up tattoo instead, which would help him control the powers without taking them away entirely.

Ezekiel expertly altered the quill tattoo, and Alex felt his powers become more manageable. He bade farewell to his characters, asking them to protect the realms they belonged to.

With a newfound respect for the powers he wielded, Alex continued writing, crafting tales that would inspire and bring hope, knowing that his ink had once unleashed worlds beyond imagination.