The Problem’s Root

The song began with a slow murmur. Crouched under the trunk of a towering but barren pear tree, I felt the symphony before I heard it. The ground shook beneath my feet. I felt the damp undergrowth push up against my fingertips, as though the roots of the trees were pulsating.

In my ears, that pulsing somehow turned into singing. Soft, angelic voices swam around me, playing a melancholy melody just for me. It tore at my heart, reminding me of a requiem.

By the time the music ended, my vision had gone blurry with tears. I held my breath. The pulsing died down into an uncomfortable silence. Not even the crickets dared to breathe. 

“You feel it too, don’t you?” a voice said behind me, causing me to fall back. My heart leapt out of my chest faster than I could turn around. 

A frail woman had appeared out of nowhere. She wandered passed the trees, touching each one tenderly as though memorising the bark on each trunk. She appeared more focused on the trees than me, and it almost felt rude to answer her question and break the silent display of affection I was witnessing.

“I remember when this garden was first planted,” she said wistfully. “I was there for the first seed. The first hedge trimming and pruning. I watched this garden grow, flourish and then be forgotten.”

Her sadness was palpable. Usually, I would have quickly wiped my tears away and jumped into a flurry of questions. What was that song? When did it start? But the woman’s presence had rooted my tongue to my mouth. 

I instead watched her pick her way through the trees one by one, mulling over her words. The garden was in disrepair – I had seen it on the way in. If you combined the efforts of all of the tree pruning services around Melbourne, it would still be hard to manage the sheer amount of overgrown roots.

The woman paused at the base of the largest tree in the grove. Its bark was barren and charred. She didn’t touch it like she had with the other trees. Instead, she turned toward me, her face grim. 

“This tree, once the heart of this grove, is the key to the curse. Years of neglect have made its roots hard and black.” She frowned. “The trees sing out of sadness. They know the curse will infect them all soon.”

Building Unlikely Friendships

The thudding was a constant reminder to Otto that the zombie outside still hadn’t lost his trail. With a weary sigh, he got up from where he had been sitting in wait on the ground. He was losing precious minutes and the sun would almost be completely gone at this rate. It was his fault for not staying alert to his footsteps. He must have gotten sloppy and made just the right amount of noise at the right amount of distance from the creature for it to have heard him.

Them, he corrected. The floorboards creaked lightly as he stepped into the living room. They were not an it. That zombie had once been human and he refused to forget that. The living room was large and left in a state of disarray. No zombies in sight, but there were plenty of remotes and floor lamps that he could pick apart for electrical supplies. “Cheltenham just isn’t what it used to be, huh?”

It had been so long since he had heard a voice that Otto nearly ignored it. Shockwaves raced through his body as he finally registered it. He jumped and turned. Standing at the doorway to the room was a zombie. He panicked, falling backwards. The exit was blocked. The backyard? He didn’t know where the door was. This was the end. He squeezed his eyes shut.

Laughing snapped them back open. Like cold water washing over him, clarity sunk in. The ‘zombie’ was laughing. It wasn’t an undead creature at all. On closer inspection in the dawning light, he realised it was someone wearing motorcycle gear. In the slim window of the helmet they wore, he could just make out their eyes.

“Relax buddy.” The figure removed the helmet and flicked on the light switch in one smooth movement. “I’m just hiding the night out here. Same as you.” The woman placed her helmet on the dining room table and stretched, as though oblivious to the state of panic he was in. Her tone was eerily normal as she shrugged and smiled. “Come morning, I’ll be out of your hair and hunting down the closest Hampton hardware store near me.”

There was just enough sense in his body to form words. They barreled out before he had the time to consider them fully. “There’s one here, just up the road,” he said, getting to his feet.

“Perfect, you can take me,” she smiled before he could respond and stuck her thumb in the direction of the thudding still coming from the front door. “Let’s not bring your buddy with us, though.”

Aluminium Canopy Advantages

In the bustling streets and rugged outback of Australia, utes are a common sight, renowned for their versatility and durability. Among the myriad of enhancements available, aluminium canopies stand out, offering unparalleled benefits to savvy vehicle owners. Today we’ll delve into the multifaceted advantages of these robust additions, specially crafted for those who demand excellence in utility and performance.

Aluminium, known for its lightweight yet sturdy nature, is an ideal material for ute canopies. The intrinsic strength of high-quality aluminium ute canopies protects cargo from the harsh Australian elements, from the searing sun of the outback to the unpredictable downpours in coastal regions. The material’s resistance to rust and corrosion ensures a long-lasting investment, safeguarding your tools and equipment against wear and tear.

Thermal efficiency is another hallmark of aluminium canopies. Unlike other materials that may absorb and radiate heat, aluminium reflects sunlight, maintaining a cooler temperature inside the canopy. This feature is particularly beneficial for tradies who store temperature-sensitive equipment or perishable goods, ensuring that the contents remain in optimal condition regardless of the external weather conditions.

Security is a paramount concern for all vehicle owners. Aluminium ute canopies are equipped with robust locking mechanisms, providing peace of mind that your valuables are safe from theft or accidental loss. The sturdy build and customizable lock systems are especially appreciated by tradies who require an extra layer of security for their high-value tools and machinery.

Furthermore, the versatility of aluminium ute canopies is unmatched. Whether you’re a tradie, an adventurer, or a weekend DIY enthusiast, the canopy can be tailored to meet your specific needs. With options for built-in shelving, drawers, and compartments, organising and accessing your tools and equipment becomes effortless, saving time and enhancing productivity.

In Melbourne, the demand for dependable and resilient vehicle enhancements is evident in the number of businesses offering ute canopies and ute trays Melbourne tradies trust to get the job done right. With a reputation built on durability, functionality, and security, ute trays and aluminium canopies form an unbeatable combination that meets the rigorous demands of daily work and adventure.