The Glass Office

I just started my own business! We will be open for business in early 2020. It’s a digital tech company and our aim is to be publicly listed by 2025. The company has been in the planning stage for the past five years. We have consulted absolutely everyone. We’ve poached the best tech people from all the top companies around Melbourne, and we’re almost completely ready. 

We’re at the final stage before we open – designing a collaborative office space! We are planning to flexi-desk, so we don’t need to create offices as such, but we want to have a range of semi-private areas for employees to get together and brainstorm whenever they like. To be consistent with the collaborative vibe that we want our office to embody, we have been considering office partition installation, where the walls are glass. Our thinking here is that this way, everyone in the office will be aware of any meetings going on and can join if they wish. The benefit of this is that everyone will feel a part of the company, and that there are no secrets or office politics. 

Even cooler, we could use the glass as a white board! That’s four walls of brainstorming that we’ve got. The ten-year-old in me also really likes the idea of being able to write on the walls…

We are currently on the search for the right glazier. Melbourne is full of talented individuals, so I’m sure we won’t be hard-pressed to find someone. I genuinely believe the person we choose will play a very fundamental role in the initial success of our company, because a team that can work together properly is a successful team. Once we get our office set up, we are all systems go. I am so excited for the final touches that will help make this company into a giant success.Once it is a success I’m going to buy the building above us, and put in a grand glass balustrade. Melbourne will never be the same.


Here’s to the future!